SAIS was founded in Enna in 1926 by Mr. Scelfo (an engineer). After gradual expansion of the activity, the company went through significant growth after World War II thanks to the active collaboration of the wife and sons of the Engineer (who had died prematurely) in the business management.

During the Seventies the company had expanded so much that it became the leader company in this business field in Sicily.

Due to the continuous and rapid growth of the company, the owners decided to split it into three different societies during the Nineties. SAIS Trasporti Group was born in 1995, absorbing other companies such as Gallo SRL, T.U.A., Giamporcaro and SARP, all providing connections among the provinces of Palermo, Siracusa, Ragusa, Messina, Caltanissetta, Agrigento and R.U. Enna, Catania, Roma, Napoli, Salerno.

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